Saturday, 8 March 2014

Storms over Britain - What is God Saying?

Britain's coasts were battered by unprecedented storms over the Christmas and New Year period. Near hurricane force winds and torrential rain left seven people dead and more than 130,000 homes affected by flood water, with more than 2,000 miles of coast land battered by storms and thousands of acres of prime farmland under water.
Why are churches silent?
Why have we had no word about the weather from any senior church leader? Are they afraid to talk about the questions that millions of people are asking not only in Britain and Europe, but in America, Australia, and many other parts of the world? Americans had barely recovered their breath from the Typhoon Haiyan disaster when they were hit by massive snowstorms and incredibly low temperatures whereas in Australia people have been dying from record-breaking heat waves, tennis players collapsed on court, while at the same time Central Europe has witnessed disastrous flooding. The whole world is being hit.
What are your views on this article by Dr Clifford Hill? 
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  1. The very question I have been asking, myself, why have no senior Bishops or church leaders called the country to prayer? We all realise that we are in "the last days" every Christian must surely know that, but the Scriptures tell us to "Humble ourselves, repent of our sins and call out to God to heal our land" . Why are church leaders still silent?

  2. Two thoughts:

    Firstly, weather does seem to be getting more extreme. I believe this means we have to take the climate change argument seriously. I know this is unpopular and some regard it as a big lie, but the science is actually sound. We can't go on polluting the earth with greenhouse gases and hoping it will have no effect. Biblically, we are stewards of the creation and have to take care of it.

    Secondly, I have a hard time believing that the current weather is a judgement from God (as some have suggested). I want to know why God isn't bringing a similar judgement on Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China, to name but a few countries where Christians are brutally persecuted. There's also the liberal society of The Netherlands with anything-goes attitudes to drugs, prostitution, abortion, and euthanasia. Likewise the mormon headquarters in Salt Lake City, the vatican, and the islamic holy places at mecca and medina. All of these would seem to be far more deserving targets for a display of God's wrath. In the Bible, God's judgement is always spot-on. So if God is angry that the government brought in gay marriage, why is he taking it out on Somerset? Why isn't the Palace of Westminster or 10 Downing Street under water?

    1. I suspect that the civil war in Syria is God's judgement on Muslim countries for their persecution of Christians. Slovenia has been paralysed by snow and ice, though the Slovenes voted against same-sex marriage a couple of years ago.

    2. Great Britain has been singularly blessed and used by God over the centuries. We have no excuse as we received the Gospel very early after the Resurrection of Jesus. Now we have turned our back on God to an unprecedented extent. Through the gospel, the English language was spread throughout the world, and people learned to read the Bible in English more than in any other language. Even the British Empire was an instrument of God to disseminate the Good News. Now it seems we are trying to destroy our Christian heritage!

    3. To Anonymous No. 2 from Anonymous No. 3 (!):

      I think if we see these horrendous weather events as God's discipline on this nation calling us to repentance, they will make more sense than if we think of them as outright judgement. "God disciplines those he loves" says the Scripture. If God were to judge this nation, I think we would see particular haunts of evil destroyed (like the witchcraft museum in that Cornish village--was it Boscastle?) and we would see hundreds or thousands of casualties. If God were intent on destroying this nation, he could do a much more thorough job of it. Instead, I believe that this is discipline and a warning to repent.

      As to the Vatican--why do they deserve God's judgement? Are they not one of the very few Western governments and one of the very few churches prepared to stand up against the tide of immorality and attacks on the principle of the sanctity of life that are sweeping other nations?

      Also, the media may tell you day in and day out that people are causing global warming through the release of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, but actually the science doesn't back that up. Scientists discovered in the 1970s that sunspots were causing climate change, but it wasn't a politically convenient fact, so money was paid to prove that climate change was man made. Apparently human activity accounts for only 4% of global warming.

      As to the countries you mention, Saudi Arabia is a desert that never enjoys the blessing of rain; Pakistan suffers devastating floods that kill swathes of the population in certain areas every now and again and a large proportion of its citizens live in grinding poverty; Iran has been crippled by sanctions and has huge problems with drug addiction amongst the young; China has a large percentage of Christians who pray fervently for their nation and some of whom are not subject to persecution and North Koreans are mostly on the verge of starvation all the time and suffer quite enough judgement from their own evil government.

      I believe that the West Country is suffering most because we have so many practitioners of New Age and pagan spirituality here. Also, why should Westminster suffer first when we elect the government and tell them what laws to bring in? In a democracy, the electorate are supposed to be sovereign. We are the ones who have tolerated what we should have rebuked and allowed what we should have condemned so that a "New Morality" has emerged along the lines of which we make our laws. However, I do believe judgement is coming on this nation if we do not repent (turn around) and go back to following the One who owns this nation--who bought it with His blood.

  3. In reflecting on the current state of the nation I am reminded of a quote that is attributed to the late John Stott who said: “If society becomes corrupt like a dark night or stinking fish, there's no sense in blaming society. That's what happens when fallen human society is left to itself and human evil is unrestrained and unchecked. The question to ask is "Where is the church?"

  4. Churches are afraid of being prophetic about the weather precisely because 'man-made climate change' is the idol of our time, that drives the population control agenda of the global elites right up to the UN. This agenda of driving down birth-rates is what secretly lies behind legalised abortion and the promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism in western countries. It is the biggest reason why creationism and Intelligent Design are so viciously attacked, and thus that the Book of Genesis is not read as real history by any but the most hardy Christians any more.

    The current flooding in Britain is massive, and should really be forcing people to realise that God really did flood the whole earth in the days of Noah. Yet most 'evangelical' ministers don't believe in a global flood or a young earth any more, having been corrupted by the desire to appear sophisticated and stay within the establishment.

    Readers of your blog may need to learn that there is a higher grade in Freemasonry that reinterprets the story of Noah, the Royal Ark Mariner degree. Its ritual text only mentions Shem and Japheth - not Ham, and there seems to be a reinterpretation of the rainbow sign which is very suspicious. Suspicious because the rainbow flag of the Rainbow Girls (Masonic organisation from the USA) became the flag of the Gay Pride movement, having been designed by Gilbert Baker in the 1970s.

    All the church denominations that have become liberal and that fail to grow have failed to clamp down on Freemasonry within their ranks. The Church of England, the Church of Scotland and the URC are the worst in Britain.

  5. PS Anonymous No. 3 to Anonymous No. 2: I thought you asked some excellent questions, which is why I felt compelled to try to answer them.

  6. It's very encouraging, exciting (as it always is when God speaks) yet sobering - this is what we need, God's view on current events.

  7. The ways and methods of God are not the same as those of human beings. The patience of God should compel us to repent and make a true turn around back to God as individuals, as communities and as a nation. We should not wait for worse calamities to happen before repenting. Greater occurrences are in the pipeline if warnings are not heeded. During the Second World War Britain called upon God in prayers. Worse disaster was averted because God answered the national prayer. This generation cannot afford to take matters for granted. The U.K. cannot take these warning signs as mere coincidence.

  8. I agree with all you have written. All I can say is "Come on Church! Wake Up!"...before it is too late.

    Michele Neal (Isle of Wight)

    1. The Lord says this at Deut: 32:39: “See now that I, even I, am he, and there is no god with me: I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal: neither is there any that can deliver out of my hand.”

      This scripture teaches that the creation of a human being is the privilege of God, the highest expression on earth of the Divine Majesty, and to the exclusion of any human act other than that which He expressly authorises to married couples. Contraception and artificial human reproduction are not authorised by God. They are forbidden as no common sins, but as insurrection against the Creator and the fountainhead of the culture of death. Yet this is the one sin that 80 per cent of Roman Catholics (contrary to the teaching of successive Popes), many Eastern Orthodox and virtually all Protestants casually accept and practise as morally innocuous having universally abominated it at all times before 1930.

      And so it is that the sin of “pharmakeia” appears in scripture as a sin which excludes those who commit it from the kingdom of God (Galatians 5:20). It is named in Revelation 18:23 as the sorcery by which Babylon has deceived all the nations. During the early second century there lived a physician, Soranus of Ephesus, who used the term “pharmakeia” to refer to the use of drugs and potions to contracept or to procure abortion.

  9. Thank you, Dr. Hill, for bringing this to our attention.

    Detailed investigation of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Paralympics reveals a scarcely-believable combination of arrogant atheism and outright paganism, which was part funded by UK Government to the tune of £80M. In effect, all UK taxpayers contributed to these dreadful events. Worse, our country, once famous for spreading the Gospel, beamed these events to millions around the world.

    My internet searches have turned up not one serious Christian critique, other than Dr. Hill's brief but significant comments.

    Regarding judgement, the floods will impact our national food chain well into the future. Recent local news in Wales reveals that our fisheries have already been devastated by the storms and may take years to recover. It is salutary to reflect that in judging His own chosen people in Ezekiel's day, on three separate occasions He announced He would "break the staff of bread". If God judged HIs chosen people so severely, can we expect any less?

    A national call to repentance and prayer is long overdue