Tuesday, 16 July 2013

It's Not Cricket

Older readers, even those who are not really into sport, will remember the phrase "It's not cricket!" It meant, "It's not right" or "It's not fair". Cricket is not only a game with rules but with a long tradition of sportsmanship whereby you behaved in a way that upheld the rules; your behaviour was always righteous.

When playing the game of cricket if you knew you had nicked the ball (touched it with your bat) and it was caught by the wicket-keeper or another fielder, you immediately walked to the pavilion, even if the umpire had not spotted it. But that's not so with today's cricketers.

What are your views on this article by Dr Clifford Hill?

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Opening the Eyes of the Blind

There are those who are blind and know it, and there are those who claim to see and are blind. This is the situation in Britain today in both the church and the nation. We have had the word of God for centuries - it has been clearly revealed to us, so we cannot say that we have not heard the truth. Yet we have deliberately turned away from the truth, despising our Judeo /Christian heritage, selling our birth-right for a mess of secular/humanist pottage.

What are your views on this article by Dr Clifford Hill?